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What we do

We understand where to source art, how to value it and how to sell it. Our in-depth knowledge of the art world comes from our diverse backgrounds and an average of many years of experience in museums, auction houses and galleries. We specialize in the collecting fields of Art Deco, Antiques, Orientalism, Fine Art Photography, Sculptures, Asian Art, French paintings, Modern and Contemporary art.

"Private Art Advisor" is advocate for its clients, without inventories to sell or artists to promote. In the otherwise under-regulated art market, our role is to offer independent assessments based on our clients personal goals and best interests.

We bring a financial perspective to our clients collecting aims. We understand the market cycles and economic realities that create buying and selling opportunities around the world and are well positioned to take advantage of them.

Our international reach provides clients with expanded market intelligence. All of our transactions are conducted with our company "Private Art Advisor", allowing the client to remain completely confidential. Our clients greatly value their privacy and rely on us to preserve it. "Private Art Advisor" offers a comprehensive collection management program to its clients, providing services related to both the acquisition of artwork and ongoing collections care and maintenance. This includes worldwide fine art logistics, conservation, and collection inventory.

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